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Watercolor on paper, 9″ x 11″, 2014.

Days Inn Atlanta. Going to keep it straight and to the point. I checked in, room is definitely outdated and so is the plumbing. Toilet leaked whenever you flush it. Later on I found 2 hypodermic needles hidden in different spots of the room and a drug baggie on the floor behind the chair. The place is an extended stay basically. I heard rats scurrying around which is disgusting. Other then that there is basically no tv channels and whatever channels that do work are fuzzy. The internet reception is horrible. The only people who are going to say this place is nice are people bringing prostitutes and possibly strippers back from the strip club next door.

“Found Earing In My Bed…”

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Travel Inn Phoenix AZ. – This place is disgusting.
The internet did not work, there was no alarm clock, the TV remote did not work, there was food crumbs on the floor, food (or blood) splatter on the wall, the blanket looked like it was from 1960, there was a solid layer of dog hair on the carpet, AND there was a 4″ women hoop earring in the bed!

“Nasty business going on in this room” – Trip Advisor

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“We just needed a place to crash, while our heater got fixed
we are locals and learned the hard way about this place
first of, the place is so unsecure, the doors are very flimsy…not a clean place… to place your head on the pillows, no!!!… and when my honey decided to place one of the chairs against the door, to make me feel a bit more secure in the room, what comes out from under the chair, about 50 condoms!!! at least they were still wrapped.
but that was it for me… we just stormed out.” – TripAdvisor

New York Inn

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NY INN – via Yelp. “really wish I could given this place zero stars. Stayed there for two nights. questionable holes in the ceiling (above bed and in the shower). Big hole in front door to room, could of been unlocked from the outside. Do not bring your kids or someone you plan to have a future with here.”